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tv   Headline News  RT  June 7, 2013 11:00am-11:45am EDT

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leaked documents flush out the true extent of the united states surveillance network potentially blanketing the yellow line world but the government insists it's protecting america. turkey's prime minister remains defiant over a wave of protests against him calling their rallies illegal but sparking fears of further division in the country. talks between the u.s. and chinese leaders are overshadowed by a country's fiery exchange of accusations and ask you know growing tension over america's p.r. campaign in beijing still mean. that a wave of fear and fury across france is extreme parties face being outlawed after a fascist brutally murder a teenager in paris. seven
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pm in moscow you're watching r t a marina joshie welcome to the program. the sheer scale of america's surveillance empire is coming to wind with a new leak detailing a global system that logs potentially people's entire online life with some help from a few internet giants telephones haven't been spared either with the authorities for portably collecting and storing the call records of americans zero mass and washington is furious calling the leaks reprehensible but the surveillance necessary is necessary that was more. after i pop in news that america's national security agency has been collecting information on millions of customers of one of the country's biggest telecommunications providers verizon further information of
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the extensive surveillance conducted by u.s. officials has leaked out nine major internet companies they include google facebook yahoo microsoft skype you tube apple a.o.l. and pal talk have been used by the f.b.i. and the national security agency to monitor photos videos e-mails audio and all other sorts of information tracking a sweeping scope of individual's online activity as reported by the guardian and the washington post highly classified program prism accounts for almost one in seven intelligence reports made by the n.s.a. to the u.s. president and congress this is of course the first time that this prism program has been publicly brought to light u.s. officials in particular members of congress aware of this program have been keeping quiet about the sweeping activity of violating the privacy of american citizens and of course so all of this comes after secret court order was obtained by the guardian and uploaded online this document revealed that u.s. telecom giant of arise and has been giving the n.s.a.
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information on absolutely all of the phone calls being made within the united states as well as between the u.s. and foreign countries according to the secret court order which was issued as we know in april and expires july nineteenth phone calls of millions of americans are being traced through horizon absolutely regardless of whether or not there is reason to suspect that subscribers are involved in any criminal activity and it's also been disclosed that this operation has actually been ongoing since two thousand and six and renewed every three months. it's now emerged now the british eavesdropping authority called the g c h q is also actively gathering data via the prism surveillance network with washington's blessing that despite a pleasure of laws and regulations would have made doing so in secret and on this scale nearly impossible human rights lawyer and campaigner. which sees the project as dangerous and a warning to people around the world. they wake up call for all europeans
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and everybody living in other countries as long as we are using us based companies we are not from surveillance on the company we have to assume that we are under surveillance and not because we are suspects not because we are given anything just because us is running a war on terror if you talk about surveillance of oh well internet communication like e-mails like files we sure like information we exchange our life it's a lot of information about me those of people and the possibility of profiles on that base that was that really deal guessing our next move of controlling our behavior is huge it's really is they did or will described in he's books and we have to be aware of this risks more than ever. and coming up browsing online links to your favorite t.v. shows could become a thing of the past if your in the u.k. that's if the police have their way they're cracking down on torrent websites and threatening to put the people running them behind bars for years. and divorced or
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due to president putin says being in the top job is behind the split with his wife which a couple insist was amicable. turkish prime minister is looking unlikely to ease his hardline stance towards the swelling nationwide protest against him. says the movement's illegal and accuses its members of brutality and provocation as he addressed a cheering crowd of his supporters after returning from a trip to north africa some of those who gathered at the airport chanted let us go let's crushed. the plaza in central istanbul has become a symbol of a flourishing anti-government drive in turkey demonstrators have been packing cities across the country for weeks now after a police crushed a peaceful environmental sit in taksim square that ignited street battles which left reportedly three people dead in clashes which sought tear gas water cannon and
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electric the taunts deployed foreign policy expert barbara slavin says the prime minister stance is forcing the country into deeper unrest. so far i don't think he's doing a very good job and this is a huge blow to him personally to his image and also to the turkish model which he has been touting around the middle east as something that arab countries should emulate he wants to change the constitution to create a sort of imperial presidency and then run for two terms as president this kind of behavior is alienating people who are religious as well as those who are secular so i think he's taking a big big risk by deepening divide among turks and he really should i think quit while he's ahead because obviously the longer he's there the more people even people who are predisposed to like him at the beginning begin to tire of his manner of governing he's somebody who lectures who sermonize is he doesn't listen very
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well in my experience and i think this is really not a good model for a country that purports to be a modern islamic democracy but as i said i think this is left a lasting damage to him personally and to turkey which of course has been you know very successful economically it's attracted many many tourists from around the world people may think twice now about going to istanbul if there's tear gas going up and down is to call avenue and in taksim square. and say or do on protesters say the push to turn secular turkey towards conservative as long as a key cause for the or hostility towards the prime minister's rule explains why. it's been a week since the violent dispersal of protests here in taksim square and then goes the park and let's take a look at one of the most important fixtures or other structures that have been here for quite some time and it's right behind me the ataturk cultural center now it's decorated with posters and slogans but that's not how it was a week ago it backed it was slated for demolition so why is it important for
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turkish people not just in istanbul but all over the country well let's go inside and take a look and find out the it can be used to house ballet and opera and was essentially a source of pride for the turks people for them it was a representation of the cultural heritage left over by kemal ataturk but everyone said l.a. is not an arch worthy of the turkish people not something that turkey should be looking inspiring to and decided to demolish this art house you can see in order to make way for a new op or house a lot of people again see this demolition or the plans for the demolition of them as a as an attempt by a new one to go backwards instead of going forwards to do away with the with the ideas that were brought here by the turk to bring in everyone's own ideas into reality basically you can say that at this point a key m. is sort of assistance held for the protesters it's a symbol of resistance it's a symbol of protest it's a symbol really of the turkish people coming together and saying we will not let go
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of our heritage we will hold on to it even if it is dilapidated and is slated for demolition doesn't matter what the prime minister wants in the symbol. one for a full briefing of how turkey's troubles have developed from the outside had to worry you'll find coverage analysis and updates twenty four seven. the u.s. and the chinese leaders are about to hold their summit which is already being labeled an historic meeting but there is a chill behind a warm smiles in california with the two hundred clashing over a range of divisive issues including accusations that china has launched a cyber war against the united states as it is more in a fortnight now explains after months of muscle flexing comes the handshaking u.s. president barack obama and chinese president xi jinping will likely play nice for the cameras but behind the closed california mansion doors of this first bilateral
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summit a tense talk over a cyber espionage hacking and rules of virtual engagement think of it as well as the jumble of biological weapons convention so one can make those words weapons but most countries agree not to do so or to use the. same thing is true of cyber everyone's going to be asked nations or knowledgeable we can agree not to attack the children's interests or at least not to start doing however the us has repeatedly accused the rising asian giant of widespread computer hacking just last week a report by the defense science board said nearly forty pentagon weapons programs and almost thirty other defense technologies were compromised by hackers some directly tied to the chinese military and government u.s. manufacturers have also accused china of stealing patents and designs of high technology we're also clear eyed about the challenges in china. united nations
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expressed their concern about the growing threat of cyber intrusion china's defense ministry has consistently denied claims that its military is engaged in hacking and in turn pointed the finger at washington the country's top internet security official recently claimed to have mountains of data pointing to extensively u.s. hacking aimed at china later this month the country will be holding unprecedented military drills with special i.t. units and even nato is debating whether it needs a manual on cyber wars while washington casts china as the world's most dangerous virtual threat the u.s. has been cementing plans to take down the enemy billions have reportedly been spent to create forty teams of cyber agents that will allegedly serve to thwart hackers while simultaneously launching offensive attacks against adversaries a cyber battlefield that many believe the u.s.
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can't affectively control you have a government with many secure security holes in it you have a corporate sector that can't keep its information secure i am seeing this as a war in which the united states is not winning no matter the amount of resources it is putting in or the tough talk and even experts at home say now is the time for the us to be working together with leading nations like china to establish norms for cyber space activity we want a global resilient open and secure unit if the u.s. and china fail to reach consensus on how to cooperate in cyberspace the consequence many believe could lead to a virtual cold war between the world's two largest economies and charted territory that could inevitably turn the internet into a dangerous platform where friends become foes reporting from new york marina r.t.
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. asia times correspondent pepe escobar thinks that countries with an axe to grind against the u.s. could use cyberspace for the or vengeance even a half ago they start talking about cyber war from china but before that u.s. had already lost it already does leak vicious cyber war via this steps that virus against iran so if we're going to have cyber war from now what he's not good at all these rogue us or from china it's going to come from the european union as well sort of early to it's going to come from iran and for other developing countries as well so if the country say that they are have the extremists the broad blue. tree problem and then show problems could counter attack in their own cyber space. there could be another front opening up in the cyber conflict between the u.s. and china with predictions of a trade war china is about to complete
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a deal which could become its biggest takeover of a u.s. company as capel beam from our t.v. business explained to me earlier. these guys have been in serious competition for a long time now we know china is set to take the top spot by as soon as twenty twenty something fierce rivals in terms of business we also know that billions is traded between these countries as well actually more than ten billion already this year marina so you follow them for us that is very in prices actually doubled this time last year and triple the year before so what does that matter if it's you know about by then it makes up a fifth of all foreign purchases that china buys up so it's very impressive indeed and i say phenomenal growth and i want to talk about a few tensions because the one that springs to my mind has to do with the yuan we know that the u.s. is always accused of i know deliberately manipulating their currency in order to keep the export is the author has always been that tension a rumbling in the background there but plenty of brilliance traded box the fact of what is china buying from the you are right let's have
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a look because they are all going up the ante as we can see that is all the technical stuff it's the mobile flows the computers the equipment or did the vision and also some of those products are actually american apple comes into the accounts as an import even though it's actually an american brown is it's made in china as we know a lot of sustainable right yeah exactly what is it that irritate some people to the us because it's the biggest most valuable company absolutely soybeans would you believe it that is the biggest import for china from america the end of the day they've got a lot of mouths to feed the number one thing that china buy is debt they have a quarter of it from america they also buy up realestate oil companies satellite companies and big hawk actually china is the biggest consumer of pork in the world and at the moment there's a four point seven billion dollar deal actually pending at the moment we've got shewn high international the biggest meat company in the world wanting to buy up smith the u.s. port company and if it does go to be the biggest trade deal between u.s. and china in history.
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and i'll have more world news for you in just a couple of minutes stay with us. the u.s. government versus private first class bradley manning what is this trial all about protecting state and military secrets for a show trial scapegoating one individual says this trial sent a chilling warning to would be whistleblowers and journalists and what does eighteen the enemy need in the age of the internet. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.
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she good lumber tourny was able to build a most sophisticated robot. fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach music creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care only. welcome back this is our t.l. the death of a young left wing activist who was brutally beaten by skinheads has spurred a wave of protests and fears for a french society the teenager's murder has also pushed thousands of anti-fascist protesters out onto the streets to her silly reports from paris. the police in france are investigating a case where an eighteen year old left a student was killed had died from injuries after being attacked by what police are calling
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a group of skinheads members of extremist fringe the far right parties and france has been a seeing a violent protests in recent months with the legalization of gay marriage coming to the forefront of the political discussion let's get some more insight from journalists an expert on terrorism and extremism claude thank you very much for joining us today this incident of the leftist student killed by far right extremists police are saying what does this tell you about what's going on in france basically of course it's a tragedy a kid of eighteen being killed for political reasons it's stupid but it's mainly. not the goal of. a few which advocates i think the aim of course is. that the group all the pretty girl groups organisation using advocating must be banned from the society this is a case of a right to stick sumus group or having killed
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a leftist student and you will have members of both sides weighing in on the issue of course the should be explored so it's. many probably and by the leftists organisation they would use dispose. and they would explain that's right. which is of course not the case if it's not it's a problem of a few elements a few indeed a defile. of spectrum of the society so i think to exploit it politically would be a mistake well you have now thousands of leftists who are protesting on the streets asking for those groups to be banned and what is your position on banning groups political groups in france i fink in a democracy. you can say what you ones. no room in a democracy. thank you very much for that well with incidents like these of course
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the questions will be raised on the what are the root causes of things that happened like this on the streets at a time when france is facing a recession economically a deeply unpopular president in place this is yet another issue that france will have to seriously deal with reporting from brussels i'm tess or syria or russia showing interest sending peacekeepers to the disputed gone hides online and read how both syrian rebels and the army claim they have a territory under their control as the austrian peacekeeping mission withdraws. an avatar director james cameron could bring a new dimension to russia's renowned valley as he plans to team up with the year to bring to the cinemas worldwide in three d. .
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more news today. again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. britain's police are gunning for the online pirates even if they just point to people to worry they can download content they are clamping down on torrent websites that put up hundreds of thousands of links to copyrighted material as sarah for as reports in the now lands the people that run these businesses in jail . well there is one single favorite t.v. . listening to music or maybe airing music with a file sharing is growing ever more popular and as its popularity so you too does the file sharing site the torrent sites that. link but that's
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a great unpopularity we've seen in the u.k. authorities alone with record company labels launching an precedented and torrent site campaign and the first sign of clampdown by the u.k. authorities came in the form of a letter from the national intelligence and then it was that they found guilty of certain offenses could face ten years imprisonment all see if you can to the founder of one of the sites that publish the less a sense of them by the third i know he's asked to remain anonymous but let's take a listen to what he said i think it will i mean maybe also. part of the strategy that they're trying to make it is difficult for people to end this threatening as possible for people to start the site but on the whole i don't think it's going to stop. here to talk torrents with us on to invite this little policy blogger. thank you for joining us i think of you first of all let's clear up because you can see
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here you know people on earth on their computers listening to music watching videos when it comes to torrents and sharing fights what's the legality what's legal what's not well that's one of the problems it's a completely gray area. if you take a copy of somebody else's picture or music and stick it on your website that's copyright infringement if you provide a link to somebody else's storage of that same content then providing that lead on the u.k. law is technically illegal however if you create a website with thousands of situations and advertising around to make money from that website there. under british law under u.k. law there has been a prosecution bullfrog it's a ratcheting up of the rhetoric and these are actually nothing more than that because nothing is turning in the more since these letters of being issued so anybody running a tour of websites are prosecuted under similar legislation could expect to receive
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a sentence which is four years in prison ok well we're certainly going to keep an eye very closely on what happens with the investigations will bring you updates as . well as take a look at some of the stories from around the world a human chain that's around the bosnians parliament which blocked more than a thousand people inside the building has disbanded but protesters are vowing to fight on to make the government pass a new law that will give newborn babies valid official identification numbers after the previous i.d.'s i just nation lapsed in february the demonstrations were sparked after a three month old child was prevented from leaving the country for lifesaving treatment because the infant couldn't get a passport. fighting continues to rage in suburbs in the south and east of damascus according to the opposition government troops fired missiles on the rebels and the syrian capital causing
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a major fire to break out the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov has called for countries involved in the syrian crisis to make political progress on bringing peace to the war torn country. five tons of illegal drugs have gone up in smoke incinerated by peru's interior ministry in the capital lima officials say it's the second largest burning to take place so far this year more cocaine is now produced in the country than in neighboring colombia according to the united nations. more than a thousand health care workers are staging a twenty four hour strike in athens doctors nurses and other medical personnel are angry at a fresh wave of layoffs and cuts aimed at tackling the greek debt disaster they say state hospitals face a shortage of around twenty six thousand staff isn't going astaire he drives more people turn to use public health care. president wouldn't
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support him and two friends in speculation about his marriage announcing that he and his wife are divorcing after almost thirty years together the couple both told russian t.v. that their decision was more details from marty's life here chefs well if we say that this bit of news came as a complete surprise would say nothing at all mainly because in the history of modern russia the history of soviet russia and in the times before that none of the top officials have ever made their family problems public in fact never voice their divorce in the case of fortunes family there has been mounting speculation in the media especially the tabloid media about the of the climate of relations between the president and his wife this has been going on for several years already the couple has been rarely seen at public different public events and have rarely been making comments about each other well now officially all of these rumors have been quashed by the president and his and his wife my children and all my activities mean i'm an absolutely public figure some people enjoy this and some don't some
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people simply incompatible with such a lifestyle my wife has done a nine year shift by my side basically the decision was mutual. students like that the most said it was insights mutual decision on marriage is over because we barely see each other his job keeps him completely busy our children have grown up their lives their own lives now we oldies i really don't like being in the spotlight all the constant travelling is difficult for me we simply don't see each other. the internet in the morning literally exploded with comments and reactions on the presidential divorce with the president getting a lion's share of criticism for making such a strong decision public there have also been of those who have been supportive of the president mainly because certainly going all out going public with such a strong decision concerning the private life of a top official is
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a very brave move but regardless of how you look at the presidential divorce news this may actually be a sign of things to come that by going public with details of his family life put in may signal the whole new approach from the russia's top official still words are private lives and maybe we don't know for sure but maybe the general attitude of the russians top officials towards their private life will be less secretive as it has been for many years now well in just a few minutes crosstalk takes a long hard look at just why the u.s. government is throwing so many resources and its legal pursuit of bradley manning. the school board in batavia illinois has decided to punish one teacher for his bad
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behavior by putting him on a strict probation play or what did he do to be deserve being part of this probation plan to do so like punch a student in the face or to go in some sort of horribly racist or sexist ranted for the class so he just reminded the students that as americans they have the right to not incriminate themselves to put it more simply he told the students that they didn't have to answer a questionable survey about drug and alcohol use and their emotional state since the data from this questionnaire would be sent back to the private company that created it this raises even more privacy issues than just the school knowing about the student's personal lives i would like to commend this teacher john dryden for actually going above and beyond and telling the children something they need to dull you know if you're going to live in a society based on individual rights it would help to actually teach children what those rights are but that's just my opinion.
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please. go and welcome the crosstalk are all things considered i'm peter lavelle the u.s. government versus private first class bradley manning what is his trial all about protecting state and military secrets for a show trial scapegoating one individual does this trial send its. chilling warning to would be whistleblowers and journalists and what does aiding the enemy mean in the age of the internet.
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to cross out the bradley manning trial i'm joined by my guests in washington barry he is the washington d.c. director of code pink and we also have david sheldon he is an expert in military law all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i very much encourage it tell you if i can go to you first as this trial started we knew bradley manning is going to sort of it least twenty years in prison so what's the point of all these other charges twenty years is a long time. well i think the government is trying to scapegoat bradley manning trying to get more time out of this they're looking to get a life sentence i'm sure that they're not going to try and kill bradley manning but i think that the government is trying to send a chill across all levels of society such as are our media those whistleblowers within government that want to blow the whistle on. expense accounts inside of certain organizations in the united states that are you using their rights it's
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time for this government to use the evidence that they have which is very little the fact of the matter is bradley manning had access to millions of documents and he only chose to release seven hundred thousand of these documents he was very scrupulous in the way he chose to release these documents not to harm anybody the government is claiming that he put peaceful people in the manger i can't you know they were produced no evidence ok david how would you respond to them ok very little evidence here and we know this man is going to get at least twenty years in prison well i think there's a number of different responses one can give him first of all it seemed to contradictory to say that there's very little evan twin. mr manning specialist manning. hundreds of thousands of documents communiques from the united states of the highest level and certainly that warrants severe punishment now whether the case of not death qualified it's not the. death
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the government simply wants to bring this case to trial i'm not suggesting that there's over overreaching by the united states in doing so one of the questions that i have is where the supervisors of specialist manning why have we not seen those people come to task this individual did not simply. arrived in iraq in a vacuum he was there he was being supervised there was a shop there was a code what happened how did the process break down and why are those people being held accountable well time i think he did talk to his superiors to me i mean that's part of the evidence isn't it. he did also the fact of the matter was they said it recently came out there was a very lax environment in there people were listening to music playing videotapes they were. using these these documents haphazardly and i think bradley
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manning came in there and saw what was going on and he was very concerned about what he saw were war crimes that were taking place inside the field about the arena of war which is was iraq in afghanistan and he also saw the the united states double speak through these releases of the embassy e-mails i think that nothing he's done or i think one here of good and the other thing is. ok david jumping going is bradley manning high from this. if i may if i may i think that you have to distinguish this case from what you've referenced earlier about people disclosing expense accounts or something like this we're talking about very very high love a communique is i think you have to distinguish between the merits of disclose your versus the merits of doing your job as a specialist to protect the interests of the game if you're going against it and
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bear and the government well exactly david most of these were just saying we were just to paris thing. should someone go to life imprisonment or embarrassment go ahead david. well. i don't think that that's what specialist manning is going to go to jail for specialist manning is going to go to jail for violating his contract with the united states his representation of the united states as an army so we're drawn to that what he's going to jail for and and certainly he put people at risk in fact wiki leaks redacted much of the information that specialist manning put out there and specialist manning did not do that he's not a control source you know if you want to compare him to the one the one shred of evidence that bradley manning put anybody at risk david i'd love to see one shred of bradley manning put anyone at risk if he if they had this evidence he would be
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getting life in prison and the fact the matter is bradley manning pleat pleaded out to some lesser charges because he didn't want to spend the rest of his life in jail and the united states government in this kangaroo military court knows that they have all the power in their hands and his lawyer obviously told him that he had very little chance of escaping this without going to prison is what which is our wishes but he should plead to these lesser charges and then let the government prove these more expansive charges that he aided and abetted that he and all of us i didn't yet know if that's the case for me i mean if you get on the internet by years i haven't. had david that happens every day in every american corps in this country and to suggest that this is a kangaroo court is not well a buzz this is the king this is a court that is subject to the federal rules of evidence the uniform code of
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military justice the military rules of evidence all of this is within the confines of the military justice system and it is by no means that i can this is what i. could. i'm not suggesting i am not suggesting that the court is. to take matters in secret and their class of disclosure where. in a sense a close court i think that that transparency and to the extent that state that i don't think it but in the case to me that there are very serious. information that is being disclosed to the in the national interests and that's judges don't simply close the court in this country because they want to avoid embarrassment of the united states that's not what i need fortunately david the national interest has a bad information that's being disclosed i tell you go ahead. jump in unfortunately
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national interest has been combined with now with corporate interests we don't know where the interests lie anymore because we spent last year fourteen billion dollars classifying information in this country i know for a fact that they classified the diameter of a humvee truck tire so i think that with the overclassification bradley manning could be. charged with aiding and abetting i think you're going to be a paper clip to somebody who happened to be. according to someone these we saw what happened in the military courts down in guantanamo they couldn't get convictions because they don't work there they're not using evidence they're not using proper. judges are throwing these things out bradley manning was tortured again and i think they're going to have a problem with that david you want to go ahead. do you submit the military justice system has responded the judge in fact has awarded article
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thirteen court punishment credit for specialist manning it's not significant for the hundred days that's significant for all intents. purpose but to suggest that he was twenty three years i think three here. suggests to suggest well many people who are on trial for very serious crimes remain in the incarceration for one q three years it happens all the time in this country and throughout the world i do want to say one thing and i do agree with you to an extent i do think that the procedures that are in place down then get mo are undermining the national interest i do not think that there is transparency i think there's an undercutting of the six of them right to counsel i think that that is wrong i think that we should play by the rules of the uniform code of military justice i would even go so far as to say we should bring these people to trial in me and i did states in
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a federal district where the federal rules time evidence applied i could have and i mean let me ask you right. ok david go ahead jump in reply. well one thing i'd like to point out is it seems that this court because i was in the courtroom there in fort meade and it seems like they're trying to build a case against julian assange and wiki leaks case against manning and when you wait leaks and it seems it seems to me that bradley manning the reason they've held onto him for three years and to bring him to court and the judge threw out hundreds of motions by the defense is that they are they're trying to script a way to get what they want this doesn't seem to be trying to get to the truth trying to get the facts of the matter this seems more like well this is what we want to get out of it and let's keep in mind that barack obama obama has tried and punished or tried to punish more whistleblowers since he's been president than all
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presidents combined this president has gone out of control trying to stop leaks it's a putting a chilling effect on our investigative reporting it i was just listening to someone the other day telling me that. glenn greenwald sources are being targeted so that he can't get any more phone calls and this is horrible for the american public this is horrible for transparency i think this kills our democracy and bradley manning is a hero in my in my view go ahead reply go ahead before we go to the break go ahead . and we certainly appreciate your views but i think none the less when one violates federal law when one ends path with upholding the constitution then protecting the interests of the united states bring that person to task bring that person to court bring that person to hear the evidence against them to be able to
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challenge that evidence it's all about transparency and that's what's happening at fort meade today and they're cut this in gentlemen i mean there's just been i need to jump in here and we're going to go to a short break and after that shows. we'll continue our discussion on the bradley manning trial state party. is a. blow to the. science technology innovation called the list of bella mints from around russia we've got the future are covered.
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